Scenes From a Blizzard

You may be nursing a bad back from shoveling out your front stoop, but GM sincerely hopes you were able to get out and enjoy the scenery this weekend. It was truly something special.

GM was out with his camera at about 11:00 Saturday morning and caught these shots:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Most stores were closed, obviously, but a handful of bars and taverns were open. GM saw Cafe Bonaparte, Martin’s, J. Paul’s, and Clyde’s. Oh, and Georgetown Cupcake. With a line. Good on ’em!

The snow took a long time to start accumulating, as this time elapsed shot out GM’s front window shows:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Some observations:

  • While there are plenty of residents who did little to nothing to clear the sidewalk outside their home, businesses seemed to do an even worse job.
  • It wouldn’t be economically viable all the time, but it was awfully nice to walk on M and Wisconsin and only see your neighbors strolling about.
  • A snowplow got stuck in the snow on M St. Not a great sign.
  • Someone left a Lexus with diplomatic plates mired in the middle of the intersection 30th and O St. Did they think the plates offered immunity from common sense?
  • Who in DC just keeps cross country skis around?

How’d Snowmageddon treat you?


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One response to “Scenes From a Blizzard

  1. East Georgetowner

    It treated me fine, except for my frustration with neighbors who did not shovel their part of the sidewalk! The folks I am thinking of were home and, if they did not want to shovel themselves, have ample resources to pay for others to shovel their walks. It is common courtesy so that we can all walk about the neighborhood, not to mention DC law. So, if you are reading this non-shovelers, please do your part! I read on the Georgetown Forum group site that DC is ticketing for failure to clear but have not seen any evidence of that.

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