Don’t Drive Unless You Have To

Sitting at home on his second straight snow day, GM yesterday got a front row seat to automobile futility.  He saw at least a dozen cars and trucks get stuck in the snow (mostly on the unplowed R St.):

Two wheel drive sedans were no match for the mess that is R St. But it wasn’t just the small cars getting stuck. A flatbed tow-truck that came to save one of those stuck sedans got stuck itself. For about an hour.

Vans seemed pretty weak in the snow too, which is bad news because most of them were delivering needed food or supplies.

Here’s a food wholesaler stuck on 31st St. in Little Italy.

More carnage back on R St.

Via Vox Populi, GM found this map showing where DDOT has plowed or spread salt over the last two days. Notice that for good reason most of the effort has been focused on M and Wisconsin. So even if you’re stuck in traffic on these roads: Don’t think you’re being smart by cutting through the side streets.

GM’s Advice:

  • Don’t drive
  • Repeat, don’t drive
  • If you must drive, stay on the main roads




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3 responses to “Don’t Drive Unless You Have To

  1. Ken Archer

    Walking to Montrose Park on Sunday, I overheard some angry neighbors on R St saying they would write strongly-worded letters to Jack Evans because “R is the most important street in Georgetown”. Really.

  2. Thanks Georgetown Metropolitan! You are doing a fantastic job covering this snowstorm. The photographs are great, the comments are right on (except for R Street being the most important street). Keep up the good work.

  3. GM

    Hmm, as an R St. resident myself I’m torn.

    But seriously, while I don’t agree that it’s “the most important” street, it is more important than the amount of attention it got. It is the main route that people (including cops and ambulances) use to get around Georgetown. It didn’t get plowed once. That’s why I saw a steady stream of cars that had no business driving on that street get caught in the snow yesterday. They should have stayed on Wisconsin.

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