MPD No Longer Issuing No Parking Signs

We’ve all seen them. Some of us have put them up ourselves. They’re Emergency No Parking signs, and they’re a fact of life in neighborhoods like Georgetown. They ordinarily evoke a bit of frustration, and sometimes a whole lot, but we learn to live with them.

Those that have had to put them up themselves have had two options:

  • Submit an application to DDOT, pay $34, and travel all the way down to North Capitol St. to pick up the signs once the application is approved;
  • Go to MPD 2D headquarters on Idaho Ave. and pick up the signs for free

Unsurprisingly, most people choose Option Two. But Option Two is available no longer. MPD no longer issues No Parking Signs.

If you need to block off some parking spaces, you have only one choice now: submit and application to DDOT and pay $34. The upside? Maybe fewer people will use them.

Hat tip to GGW’s Lynda Laughlin.



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3 responses to “MPD No Longer Issuing No Parking Signs

  1. Ken Archer

    It seems to me that neither option is great. No Parking signs should obviously not be free. But there’s no reason people should have to hike to N Capitol St to get one either.

    The solution is for the city to make No Parking signs and Guest Parking Passes available for a fee online, or at least for a fee at some regional offices like DMV offices.

  2. GM

    In the first draft of this post I think I wrote something about how it would make sense to let people print out the signs online (although, most people don’t have the right printers or paper for it) or let people apply through DDOT, but still pick up the signs from MPD once they’re approved.

    Another upshot to the DDOT system is (I presume) that all no parking signs will have permit numbers now. So now you can find out who requested the signs, which might be helpful if one of your neighbors is abusing the system somehow (i.e. not enough notice, extending the time period, etc.). With the MPD-issued signs, there was no easy way to track down who was behind the signs.

  3. EastGeorgetowner

    Why couldn’t DDOT mail the signs to the recipient when they are approved? Most people would happily pay for the postage to avoid the headache of traveling to North Capitol Street and back, and DDOT is open only during the week business hours.

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