The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Cremeglace.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Kate Michael is reporting that, as rumored, Britt Swan is bringing the Serendipity 3 ice cream parlor to Nathan’s space.
  • Georgetown Voice contemplates the Georgetown retail environment.



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5 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Ken Archer

    From Serendipity3’s site it looks like they sell burgers for $12.50-$18.50, wings for $9.50, and so on. Has anyone been to this place in NYC? Am I lame for being suspicious given that it has been successful in Little Italy?

  2. GM

    It caters to kids’ birthday parties and tourists. But it’s not in Little Italy, it’s in the Upper East Side.

    I have ambivalent to negative feelings about it. I don’t think it will attract much of a local crowd because it will be a tad too expensive and not convenient to walk ins. It’ll mostly be suburban kids coming in to blow out their candles and drink the frozen hot chocolate. Let me put it this way, besides NYC their only other locations are Boca Raton and Vegas.

    Then again, it’s better than nothing. And it’s certainly better than a T-mobile store, which is worse than nothing.

  3. James Paul

    I don’t agree with GM on this. I’ve been to their Upper East Side store and it’s wonderful; yes, there are tourists and kids celebrating, but not always. There are also neighbors and celebrities. It is expensive, but so what, it’s a notch above the rest so it’s worth the extra money.
    Walk-ins may be a bit difficult at random, but as a neighbor you could go during slow days or hours without a problem. If it is always problem here (even Georgetown Cupcake has times without lines), maybe management can set aside a table or two for locals.

  4. Charmed

    Ooh celebrities!!!

  5. Old Georgetowner

    Oh great. Just what we need — another venue for the Tourotrash.

    (Dollars to doughnuts this is the first Serendipity to find itself in need of a liquor license.)

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