Evermay Slashes its Price. Again.

The Evermay estate, which has been up for sale since October of 2008, has just slashed its price again. Harry Belin started off asking $49 million for the historic property. By last April, however, he lowered the price to $39.5 million.

Oddly that low, low price still had no takers so Belin has now dropped the price down to a bargain basement $29.5 million!

Besides Belin, who else might be a little bit disappointed about this? How about media mogul Robert Allbritton. Why him? Because he paid about that same amount of money for the Bowie-Sevier estate in 2007. Yes, the Bowie-Sevier estate is one of the nicest estates in Georgetown.

But it’s not Evermay.

All kidding aside, that’s a pretty dramatic price drop. At this rate it’ll be selling for $500k by the fall.




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2 responses to “Evermay Slashes its Price. Again.

  1. Simon

    When it gets to $500K I’ll buy…..actually, all I need is the carriage house.

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