The Morning Metropolitan

Dog Sniffing some Georgetown Cupcakes by @heylovedc.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:



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2 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Ken Archer

    Is there somewhere online where I can read the CAG/ANC objections to GU’s campus plan? I found the campus plan (

    While the campus plan almost doubles grad students from 3,560 to 8,750, most of the increase (1,825 out of 3,205) is continuing studies – a revenue grab that most universities are making right now. These students won’t move to Georgetown – they already live in the DC-area. So, commuting to class, not local housing, seems to be the issue to address.

    That’s why GU is building 500 more parking spaces for students. They would expand GUTS but ANC/CAG would push back on that.

    So, is ANC/CAG’s argument that GU shouldn’t grow, and that we will oppose any measures they take to facilitate growth?

  2. congrats on getting credit from NBC’s people. good on them for giving credit where it’s due!

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