Philly Pizza Finally Closes For Real (For Now)

After a long battle with the neighbors, the owners of Philly Pizza on Potomac St. are crying uncle. For now. In February the restaurant lost its appeal to a BZA attempting to overrule DCRA’s decision to revoke its restaurant license. Notwithstanding the loss, the owners simply stayed open until yesterday when, as first reported by Vox Populi, they finally consented to close. However, the restaurant owners are already planning (threatening?) on reapplying with DCRA for a new license.

But for now, after this long fight between the restaurant and the neighbors, the ANC, and CAG, who deserves to give the victory speech? The Mayor, of course.


Adrian Fenty is giving a press conference in front of Philly Pizza this morning at 11:00. The last time Fenty gave a morning press conference in Georgetown, Maret ended up with a sweet deal for the Jelleff fields. Who wants to bet Sidwell Friends just rented itself a pizza joint?

Check out the consent agreement after the jump:




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2 responses to “Philly Pizza Finally Closes For Real (For Now)

  1. Oh great! Now where am I going to get a slice of pepperoni pizza at 2 in the morning and sit on someone’s porch and eat it outside and play my boombox?

  2. Simon

    Do you suppose the University could open up a late-night pizza place on campus? Sounds like a money-maker.

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