18th Century Double-Barreled Pistol Dug Up at Tudor Place


Last week an ancient double-barreled pistol was dug up on property that was once part of the Tudor Place estate on 31st St. It is a Belgian-made flintlock pistol dating from the late 18th or early 19th century.

At one time, Tudor Place took up the entire block between Q St. and R St. (then known as Stoddert St. and the oddly named Road St.). The land north of the current estate was sold off after the Civil War. Now that land is home to a row of rather large homes and the Dumbarton apartment building.

After finding the gun, the property-owners kept digging around and found remenants of an old structure. This is particularly exciting for Tudor Place since, while they know that there were structures there, they don’t know where exactly they stood.

It’s fascinating for GM to speculate how the gun ended up in the dirt in the first place. Was it stowed away and forgotten? Was it broken and simply thrown out? For now, GM is going to assume, for dramatic purposes, that it is related somehow to an 18th century murder mystery involving a fight over a particularly heavily powdered wig.



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2 responses to “18th Century Double-Barreled Pistol Dug Up at Tudor Place

  1. Kate Whitmore

    Very cool find. My son dug up a section of our patio at 29th and O and found some very interesting artifacts including clay marbles, old glass and porcelain, heavy old iron nails and something that also looked like a flintlock mechanism. A big give-away to a potentially promising dig site is the presence of oyster shells, probably Georgetown’s most abundant and least rapidly decaying items of trash. (people used to be fined for dumping them in public areas). Georgetown must be crammed with amazing finds just below the dirt surface.

    Thanks for reporting on this!

  2. What a great story! We love it! We have a whole museum full of such relic guns called Cody Dug Up Gun Museum, here in Cody, WY. If you are interested in stories and items like this then come on over and visit us or check us out on the web at http://www.codydugupgunmuseum.com . We have a gallery of pictures for viewing. We are also rebuilding our site and will launch the new one soon. The interesting thing about guns like this are that you just never know where they are gonna turn up!!!!

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