ANC Preview: Uggly Boots Edition

Photo by Uggboy.

If there’s one thing GM doesn’t get, it’s the appeal of Ugg boots. They’re bulky and not particularly flattering for most women. Yet they continue to be popular even if they’re not quite as trendy as they were a few years ago.

Why is GM bothering you with fashion critique? Because these purveyors of a canklefied silhouette are coming to Georgetown. At least according to the ANC agenda that was release yesterday. According to it, UGG Australia is moving 1249 Wisconsin Ave., where Diesel used to be.

What else is on the agenda?

For one, DDOT will come by to discuss their plans to rehab O and P streets to finally fix the streetcar track problem. They are supposed to start the long construction sometime this year. A key sticking point for the ANC is DDOT’s stated intention to create a committee with the residents to address issues as they come up. For this meeting, however, the focus appears to be on design not process.

Also on the agenda (although it’s on the no review agenda, meaning it won’t actually be discussed) is additional construction to the Paul Bakery project. Immediately after GM declared this apparently dormant project dead, it roared back to life. It’s not clear whether this construction will delay the October/November opening target date.

Finally, the agenda is interesting for what’s not on it: anything to do with Serendipity 3. Before they can make any exterior changes or start selling liquor, they’ll need to come through the ANC. This guarantees that if they actually open in April, it will be liquor-free and with Nathans shabby exterior still intact (to the extent you can call that exterior “intact”.)

One additional note: this meeting will be held on Tuesday instead of their normal Monday time slot, due to Passover.




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6 responses to “ANC Preview: Uggly Boots Edition

  1. Mez

    They may be – and ARE! – ugly but, oh boy, are they warm. Saved my life during the blizzards, having broken down and bought a pair for just such occasions. But why people wear them in normal weather beats me…

  2. Kim Ha

    Note: I hate Uggs.

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  4. Beth

    Don’t knock them until you have tried them! Uggs are so warm and comfortable. And on some people, especially teenage girls, they look cute with skinny jeans or leggings.

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