Paul Bakery Idea Panning Out After All

Paul's Restaurant - French Bakery on Wisconsin Ave.

The other day, GM listed some rumors he had heard about Georgetown that never seemed to come to fruition. One of them was the planned Paul Bakery, a French bakery that was supposed to take over the kitchen of the City Tavern with a store front just south of Banana Republic.

After some activity last spring, GM hadn’t heard a peep about the place so it seemed as if the Great Recession squashed another restaurant before it even opened. So it was a pleasant surprise to hear that the restaurant is full speed ahead. GM hears that it should be open by September or October.

One element he was not aware of was that despite the fact that the restaurant will be called Paul and it is being opened by the same company that owns J. Paul’s, it is actually an international chain restaurant. While one commenter thought the Miami outpost of this chain was watered down, GM understands that the Georgetown branch won’t be a franchise but rather a joint venture between CRC and the French parent. Hopefully that will ensure higher quality. Either way, it will be an improvement on the boarded up building that is there now.



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7 responses to “Paul Bakery Idea Panning Out After All

  1. Lou N.

    I sure hope the Georgetown version will be much better than the branches in Miami, the UK and France. Here are comments about the Miami branch on Yelp. If anything, they were too kind.

    Now if only someone would bring back the original Au Croissant Chaud!

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