Ristorante Piccolo Finally Set to Reopen

It’s been a long 18 months since Ristorante Piccolo was gutted in a fire. Opening dates have been pushed back several times, but it appears that they have finally come up with an opening date they can meet: the last week of April. Georgetown’s Little Italy will finally be complete.



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3 responses to “Ristorante Piccolo Finally Set to Reopen

  1. Mr. Morel

    According to a veteran ANC commissioner, the owner fled the country in a dispute with the insurance company, something to do with the cause of the fire not being exactly what the owner said it was. So, is he back or does the restaurant have a new owner?

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  3. Erika Kelly

    Is Mr. Morel talking about the same veteran ANC commissioner who lost his argument to get rid of Piccolo’s beloved balcony? Sounds vindictive to me..especially since none of his supposed statements are true…thank you for the false gossip however, it was most entertaining!

    Piccolo has already reopened..i JUST saw Tony talking with customers in front of the place, so he has obviously not fled anywhere. My favorite restaurant is back..woohoo!

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