Ridiculous Georgetown Home Featured on Teen Cribs

(Sorry for the lack of embed, it just wasn’t working for some reason. Also, skip ahead to 14:30.)

The crib in question is the home of Ben and Deb Johns at 1633 29th St. GM’s walked by it a million times and knew it was awesome. He just didn’t realize it was Teen Cribs awesome.

(Disclaimer: This was from a reader’s tip. GM doesn’t as a practice watch Teen Cribs. He only watches normal Cribs because he’s a purist.)



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6 responses to “Ridiculous Georgetown Home Featured on Teen Cribs

  1. Ken Archer

    While this couple has admirably raised a family in a Georgetown home that they have preserved well, it’s shows like this that contribute to the spacious-home obsession that is pervasive in our country. It’s this obsession with space, an obsession that is fueled by the furniture-realtor-industrial complex, that pushes families into the outer suburbs, gets homeowners in above their heads, and grounds anti-density zoning laws that make future Georgetowns illegal.

    I remember when MTV played music videos.

  2. I have no idea what you are talking about here.

  3. Ken Archer

    Alright Dave,

    First you razz on my Montrose dog pee story, then on my moving sermon about people’s house obsessions. I’m not feeling the love.


  4. Kate Whitmore

    This is such a wonderful old house, circa 1780, with huge grounds not unlike Everymay or Tudor Place. So much history here. As much as I would have loved to see a restoration staying closer to the original features and spirit, I am at least happy this family is maintaining the house in good condition. When they excavated to build the pool and pool house, I wonder if they found any interesting artifacts?

  5. Carol Joynt

    Deb Johns has a magic wand where style is concerned. All under one Georgetown roof she and Ben made a warm family home as well as an amazing “crib.” Kudos.

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