ANC Preview: Any Objections?

The ANC will meet for it’s June meeting next Tuesday at 6:30 at Visitation. Looking at the agenda, you’d think the entire meeting will be dominated by liquor license renewals. But GM predicts little time will actually be spent on those issues. So what will they be talking about?

EastBanc’s Plans for Fillmore

GM has covered this, but for those just catching up: EastBanc has agreed to purchase the historic Fillmore School building at 1801 35th St. from the Corcoran (the ANC agenda mistakenly calls this the “Corcoran School”, which is a little confusing to history nuts like GM who know that the historic school building at 1219 28th St. was called the Corcoran School.)

EastBanc plans on converting the building into 15 condos and wants to construct rowhouses on the parking lot (GM estimates they want to build 16-20). EastBanc will come to the ANC to present their plans. When they presented similarly ambitious plans for the post office, they received a pretty warm reception from the ANC and the public. GM doesn’t imagine it will be much different this time.


DDOT was asked to send a rep to last month’s ANC meeting to discuss their streetcar plans for Georgetown. Unfortunately nobody came. They are back on the agenda next week, so hopefully someone will come.

Georgetown Scoops

Something called Georgetown Scoops will be opening up at 2818 Pennsylvania Ave. (which used to house Moda Salon). Sounds like a ice cream shop. With Thomas Sweet’s, Ben & Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs, and the soon to be Serendipity 3 (not to mention frozen yogurt at Iceberry and Sweet Green and gelato at Dolcezza) will there be enough room for another ice cream parlor?

Answer: Of course there’s more room for ice cream.

Liquor Licenses

Oh, about those liquor licenses: If you have a problem with any of the following establishments, you ought to let the ANC know it:

  • Arisu, 1734 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
  • 1789 Restaurant Tombs F Scotts, 1224 36th Street, NW
  • Bangkok Bistro, 3251 Prospect Street, NW
  • Billy Martin’s Tavern, 1264 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
  • Additi Restaurant, 3299 M Street, NW
  • Casbeh Café/Ledo Pizza Restaurant,  1721 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
  • J Paul’s, 3218 M Street, NW
  • Pizzeria Paradiso, 3282 M Street, NW
  • Pizzeria Uno, 3211 M Street, NW
  • Neyla, 3206 N Street, NW
  • Four Seasons Hotel, 2800 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
  • Miss Saigon, 3057 M Street, NW
  • Los Cuates Restaurant, 1564 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
  • Epicurean and Company, 3800 Reservoir Road, NW
  • La Ruche, 1039 31st Street, NW
  • Filomena, 1063 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
  • Harmony Café, 3288 M Street, NW
  • Leopold’s Kafe Konditorei/L2, 3315 Cady’s Alley, NW
  • Ritz Carlton Georgetown, 3100 South Street, NW
  • The Guards, 2915 M Street, NW
  • Morton’s The Steakhouse, 3251 Prospect Street, NW
  • Vietnam Georgetown Restaurant, 2934 M Street, NW
  • Sequoia Grill, 3000-3050 K Street, NW
  • Peacock Café, 3251 Prospect Street, NW
  • Rugby Café, 1065 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
  • The City Tavern Club, 3206 M Street, NW
  • Mie N Yu, 3123 M Street, NW
  • Georgetown Inn, 1310 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
  • Leavey Center, 3800 Reservoir Road, NW
  • The Sea Catch, 1054 31st Street, NW
  • Ristorante Piccolo, 1068 31st Street, NW
  • Latham Hotel, 3000 M Street, NW
  • Clyde’s, 3236 M Street, NW
  • Johnny Rocket, 3131 M Street, NW

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  1. The City Council just killed funding the streetcars, so I imagine this will be taken off of the agenda for the evening.

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