The Georgetown Apple is Here!

No, not really. The technology store still seems weeks away, but if you want to get your hands on a “genuine” “Georgetown Apple”, stop by Safeway. They’re currently selling apples branded with the Georgetown moniker.

From the sign, the apples appear to come from Nature’s Partner, a branch of Giumarra companies. There is no such thing as a “Georgetown Apple”, so this is likely just a private label rebrand of another species. From the company’s offerings, it looks a bit like the Eve apple.

From Glover Park condos to drycleaners, things having nothing to do with Georgetown often get the Georgetown name in order to seem fancy. But this is the first time a piece of food has adopted this strategy (ok, maybe the second).

Maybe if they stick around long enough, you can have an extremely meta experience of eating a Georgetown Apple in the Georgetown Apple.


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