The Morning Metropolitan

Dumbarton Oaks by John Weiss.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:




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3 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Perhaps the problem is not Georgetown “prudishness”, but the fact that no one in the article you link to seems to question whether or not the so-called “art” is actually any good. It hardly seems that he is the embodiment of a new Courbet, but rather just another narcissistic dirty old man.

  2. Prudes? I gather there are people out there who are so afraid of not being considered cool that they confuse shock value with art. The two do not equate. Oh, and if we don’t agree, we’re prudes. Peer pressure, anyone? Junior High, maybe?

  3. My experience has been that people who make comments such as this have never been inside to see the broad range of art, from top to bottom. MOCA DC serves an art community that seldom has a chance to be seen – artists who produce very nice work that deserves to be seen.

    MOCA DC is a nonprofit gallery who’s mission is to be open to all artists all the time. And while some tie the gallery to figurative art, the truth is that this is only 1/4 of our monthly exhibits.

    I have to wonder why Georgetown U, GWU, the Corcoran School of Art, Catholic U, George Mason U, Montgomery College and all the other institutions of higher learning teach figurative arts when the opinions expressed above seem to come from community leaders. Leaders of what? Witch Hunts? Censorship? Perhaps they should form a team of like-minded people and go scrape the smut off the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

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