Georgetown Scoops Opens Just in the Lick of Time

Georgetown recently gained another ice cream shop, Georgetown Scoops at 2818 Pennsylvania Ave. (where Moda Salon used to be). That it will be over 100 degrees today demonstrates the fortunate timing of the new shop’s proprietors.

The store offers more than just ice cream:

There’s ice cream, obviously, but they also offer a range of sundaes (including a traditional banana split). Also on the menu: frozen coffee and smoothies. Of course, it wouldn’t be a new restaurant if it didn’t sell cupcakes too:

With Georgetown Scoops opening, Georgetown now has secured its eastern boundary of frozen treats, but there still remains a stretch of Wisconsin Ave. where you will have to walk up to two blocks for frozen relief:

Clearly we need an ice cream parlor at O and Wisconsin to eliminate this Ice Cream No Man’s Land once and for all.


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11 responses to “Georgetown Scoops Opens Just in the Lick of Time

  1. So now Georgetown has Thomas Sweets, Ben & Jerry’s, Georgetown Scoops and Serendipity opening soon. Whatever happened to cupcakes?

  2. Ha, ha! Ice cream no man’s land. Of course there is also the gelato place in the Harbour, and Serendipity cometh…

  3. Kate Whitmore

    Ah, you forget Wingos at O right off Wisconsin that scoops some decent (if not homemade) ice cream into cones at prices that make you wonder why we started paying so much in the first place for the designer ice creams up the road . They even have a financial crisis-friendly “kid’s size” cone that costs, last I checked, around a buck or so. And if you don’t feel like ice cream, there are the ever-popular (with the Hyde and Hardy kids) fries and wings.

  4. MachkorM.

    Mama Mia, Now we’re talking. I’ve waited for this place to open for the longest, man they have some serious ice cream. You get what you pay for, tho it’s hot outside it wont melt quickly I take the time to enjoy it. A couple of scoops lasts enough to stay cool during the 7 blocks walk home. I love this place, most of all their coconut and ginger flavor.

  5. imgoph

    awesome map!

  6. gosh I wish Southeast DC was fortunate enough to have a no mans land like yours. Baskin Robbins and Sweetgreen are the only two I can think of on the hill … and don’t think there is a single ice cream shop east of the Anacostia River.

    Ice cream and Froyo for All!

  7. Serendipity will be opening at Wisconsin and M Streets (in the old Nathan’s location) this year!
    While it will be just a stone’s throw away from B&J and Haagen Daaz, it’s a different frozen experience – old fashioned ice cream parlor as opposed to cones.

  8. Moll33

    A co-worker and I just went to Scoops for a mid-day break. We figured we would just get the kiddie size as we weren’t very hungry. For one tiny scoop of ice cream, it was $3.74. You can get an entire quart of ice cream from the grocery store for $4.00. Good ice cream, but we won’t be running back.

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