Ice Cream No-Man’s Land to be Eliminated

Last summer, GM jokingly lamented the existence of an Ice Cream No-Man’s Land in the heart of Georgetown. If you are at Wisconsin and O St., you have to walk over a block and a half to find an ice cream shop. Well that awful situation is about to come to an end: IceBerry is opening a second shop where Originals just closed (1332 Wisconsin Ave.)

There’s a stop-work notice on the property right now because they started work without the proper permits (similar to when they painted their store at the corner of M and 30th without getting permission from the Foundation for the Preservation of Historic Georgetown, who holds an easement on the building). So the opening might be a little delayed. But it should be open by the summer.

On top of this new store, Serendipity should eventually finally open (there’s a story behind the on-going delay to that restaurant’s opening by GM hasn’t been able to pry it from anyone). So the ice cream/frozen yogurt saturation of Georgetown will just get even thicker. And creamier.



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5 responses to “Ice Cream No-Man’s Land to be Eliminated

  1. I so wish this was PinkBerry, the top dog in this particular game. Why does Bethesda have one and we don’t?

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