The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Doscabeza.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Tons of good stuff in the Current yesterday:
    • The National Pinball Museum should open in the mall by September
    • The out-of-place Eagle Bank mural was rejected
    • Streetcars should be at Georgetown’s doorstep by 2015
  • Wingos still king.



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  1. It is great to hear about the expected 2015 completion of the K Street streetcar route to Georgetown. Many of the ANCs along Wisconsin Avenue in both Ward 2 and 3 have endorsed studying the feasibility of a Wisconsin Avenue streetcar route. ANC 3E (Tenley, Friendship Heights) is expected to take up a resolution supporting improved transit and asking DDOT to study the potential for a Wisconsin Avenue streetcar at either its August or September meeting.

    Unfortunately, some streetcar opponents want to delay this study until after the K Street streetcar reaches Georgetown– delaying the benefits of reduced congestion, improved air quality, and reduced consumption of oil that streetcars offer. I encourage readers of this blog to contact the ANC 3E commissioners and let them know you support a Wisconsin Avenue route, along with all of the benefits it will bring.

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