Follow the Georgetown Metropolitan on Twitter

Well, GM has finally done it. He’s entered the age of Twitter, which is to say he’s finally caught up with 2009. Phew!

Anyway, if you’re already one of the Twittering Twibobs of Twitterivity, why don’t you start following the Georgetown Metropolitan at



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3 responses to “Follow the Georgetown Metropolitan on Twitter

  1. Randy Roffman

    Any really good reason? I always thought Twitter was for twits. Unless you can say something witty or pithy in 142 characters, why bother?

  2. GM

    How many characters was that comment?

  3. I will throw in my two cents:

    Twitter is an excellent way to meet other bloggers, in my experience, and draw attention to (or have one’s attention drawn to) interesting writing and reporting on the internet. It also has real-life applications. I once posted a complaint on Twitter about a WASA main cover in disrepair close to my house, and WASA not only contacted me directly via Twitter to fix the problem but had it patched within 24 hours of my post.

    Twitter may not be useful for some. It may seem at first blush to be all about Justin Bieber and other irrelevant persons. And it does not allow posters to post at any great length. However I find that the limited length of posts is a definite asset of the site: it leads not only to creativity but keeps editorializing to a minimum.

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