Update on Those New Liquor License Applicants

In June, the Current reported that the seven establishments likely to be awarded the seven new liquor licenses in Georgetown had already been determined. They were:

  • Puro Cafe
  • Tacklebox
  • Zenobia Lounge
  • Paul Bakery (a new French bakery going in just south of Banana Republic)
  • Bill’s Bar and Burger (a new place moving into the old Cheesesteak Factory)
  • Hu Wear

The first four were no great surprise to anybody, and now it looks like they will be the first to get the new license. All four have had their applications approved to be placard and will each have a hearing with ABRA in September. They all will likely be protested by the ANC, which will lead into the inevitable “voluntary” agreement process. Assuming that goes as it normally goes, these establishments should be boozing it up by early winter at the latest. (Paul Bakery was supposed to open by November according to GM’s sources.)

The last two applicants were mysteries in June and they still are.



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5 responses to “Update on Those New Liquor License Applicants

  1. medusa

    How do any of these businesses upgrade the culinary quality of the neighborhood? Puro, perhaps, but the rest?

    What is Zenobia, or SpinDC? Are they even restaurants? Will they make it into Zagat? What do they bring to the neighborhood?

    It was a good idea to expand the ABC licenses in Georgetown, but they should have been used to lure the kinds of quality restaurants that once came to Georgetown but now go to Penn Quarter and other parts of the city. Is no one in charge of the decision process, or were the decisions made through pay-offs to the ABC board?

    If this is the list, then its a waste.

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