The Morning Metropolitan

Georgetown Cupcake by Kyamamoto.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Neighbors let hoards waiting in line for Georgetown Cupcakes that their loyalties lie with Baked and Wired (c/o Vox Populi c/o Suitablegirl)
  • Georgetown house makes PoP’s House of the Day (Personal note: GM once looked into renting an apartment in this house. The rental agent told him he wouldn’t want to live there since the rest of it was rented out to GU students. Now it’s a single family home. How times change…)
  • Reminiscing on Georgetown’s lost theaters.




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5 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Carol Joynt

    That sign shows how rude Georgetowners can be, contributing to a general bad reputation for the neighborhood. We’re fortunate to have both Georgetown Cupcake and Baked & Wired in our village and both should be celebrated, appreciated and frequented. Otherwise, hush your mouth.

  2. Denis James

    On Georgetown’s lost theatres, your link to the Blog of the Courtier lead to a writer who didn’t know much about the subject. There was no mention of the Georgetown Theatre on Wisconsin near Dumbarton Street, now occupied by a Jeweler. They once showed the attrocious Caligula for over a year.
    The Biograph had great eclectic programming from animation festivals to classic Hollywood revivals to foreign festivals and more. To describe it as a place where “dirty movies” were shown is ridiculous and ignorant. More often than not, I attended with my two daughters, whose eyes were opened to far more than the latest Hollywood epic.

    The original Inner Circle was right next to the “real” Circle Theatre on Pennsylvania Avenue, near 21st Street, NW. The Pedas brothers, Jim & Ted, operated both those theatres, and at it’s height, a chain that included the Dupont Circle theatres, the Outer Circle and numerous others.

  3. Michael Kessler

    Geez, in my book the sign would have been rude if it said “Gtown cupcakes suck” or “you’re wasting your time in this line,” or “even Betty Crocker makes them better” or some such thing. This version is rather lighthearted and seems like harmless fun, in my book.

  4. In response to the previous poster, GM, allow me to state the following:

    My blog piece was about my pleasure in learning that a new cinema is opening in the West End. It was also an opportunity for me to reflect on my memories of some Georgetown movie theatres I had visited since I first moved here in 1991. It was not, nor does the piece hold itself out to be, a comprehensive history of all of the movie theatres ever in Georgetown.

    I am of course aware of The Georgetown Theatre, and in fact have discussed it with you, GM, on this blog. However, that venue closed in 1986. Because it was closed before I moved here, I never saw a film there, and could hardly be expected to write a reminiscence of a place I never visited.

    It is neither “ridicluous” nor “ignorant” for me to point out that, prior to its shutting down, The Biograph regularly showed what are often referred to as adult films. If he needs independent confirmation, I would draw the previous poster’s attention to the website of one of The Biograph’s own former employees, stating the fact that such films were in fact shown at The Biograph:

    On another site there are comments from a past patron of the theatre about how, toward the end of its existence, The Biograph showed such films:

    In the early 90’s I went to The Biograph on occasion to see European and indie films. However, when I did so I was very much aware of the fact that there were other films being shown at the theatre that were pornographic in nature. Whatever The Biograph was prior to 1991, I cannot write about, because again, I did not live here before then. It is possible that your previous poster was unaware of the fact that such films were being shown at The Biograph in the 1990’s, but they most definitely were.

    In any case, I would not call your previous poster either “ridiculous” or “ignorant” for being unaware of this information. There really is no need to be uncivil when correcting a mistake of fact, when such a mistake is made. Bloggers are most certainly not infallible sources of information. For my part, I am more than ready to correct myself when I state something that is in error; in this instance however, I have not erred.

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