The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Dawgfanjeff.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • “It was a joke.” That’s what Riccardo Bonino told GM yesterday when asked about the sign on Griffin Market that said they’d open on the 22nd “maybe.” The “maybe” part gave Georgetown a scare. Thankfully they opened on schedule.
  • The Current reported yesterday that an individual is quietly seeking to set up a medical marijuana dispensary in Georgetown. He recognizes the challenges, although GM has to wonder why ANC commissioner Bill Starrels cites Georgetown’s historic character as a reason to object to it. How is that remotely relevant?


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4 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Work in the Building

    I walk past the sculpture in today’s picture every day, and it always creeps me out. (Canal Square courtyard)

    What is it meant to represent? Hundreds of worms holding up a plate, getting struck down by a massive dart? Seaweed breaking through the surface of the ocean to pull down a fallen ship’s mast?

  2. I lived in Georgetown in the ’60s. You want some history? Coming across Key Bridge, you could smell the sweet smell of marijuana seeping out of the windows of the apartments on Regency Row. It was your “Welcome to Georgetown” greeting.

    Drugs were everywhere……..marijuana was the cigarette of choice. Hell, even Bill Clinton was puffing away. Old Mac’s, the Apple Pie, and a slew of bars that lined M Street, were havens for thirsty pot smokers.

    Yes, Georgetown has a lot of history…….and bammy, the assassin of youth, chillums, ganja, was plentiful in Georgetown, and the youth fired up regularly.

  3. GM

    I see jellyfish, not seaweed. But I also have this inescapable feeling that it could tip over very easily.

  4. Anon

    Unfortunately, Griffin Markets high prices, poor service, and cleanliness are no joke. Such potential….wasted.

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