ANC Preview: Ah, That’s Better Edition

Since the Old Georgetown Board doesn’t meet in August, projects get backed up for approval for September. As a result, the September ANC meeting is absolute torture. But thankfully September is behind us, and the October meeting next Monday looks downright brief. Check out the more interesting topics:

Tudor Place

Tudor Place is planning a large construction project. They want to clear out all administrative uses from the main building and restore it entirely to its historical shape.

To accommodate this, Tudor Place wants to build climate controlled space for its large collection of documents and artifacts from the house. It also wants to build a new gatehouse and an educational center.

The neighbors are objecting to the proposed construction, mostly because of its effect on 32nd St. residents (the idea being that the new buildings would loom too much over the neighbors). They would like to see less construction above ground and more below ground space. CAG has said it won’t support the plan as it currently exists (Full disclosure: GM is on the CAG Historical Preservation Committee that voted on the resolution.)

With the neighbors and CAG in lockstep opposition to the plan, it seems likely that the ANC will object as well. But it should make for a fun discussion.


Last month Wisey’s came before the commission seeking to add space on the second floor. It looked like the ANC would approve the request until it turned out that simmering tensions between Wisey’s and its neighbors were not resolved. The ANC was a bit ticked off that these tensions weren’t identified before the meeting and refused to support the request. Wisey’s agreed to work things out before going ahead with the request.

Notwithstanding this promise, Wisey’s went ahead to the BZA with its request anyway. To its credit, the BZA told Wisey’s to go back to the ANC and get its approval. Given the way Wisey’s tried to circumvent the ANC, it’s unlikely that the ANC will be very patient with Wisey’s request. Should be fun.


The ANC will consider liquor license applications from a handful of proposed and existing restaurants. The more interesting applicants are Malmaison and Come to Eat. GM has mentioned them before. Malmaison is proposing a dance-lounge in the old Hibiscus Cafe space. Come to Eat is proposing a cafe directly across from Hyde. Both are controversial in their own ways. We’ll see how it goes!



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4 responses to “ANC Preview: Ah, That’s Better Edition

  1. SG

    How would Malmaison be controversial?! It’s underneath a friggin bridge! Gtowners need to be less uptight and understand that business owners have a right to open businesses that will add to the tax base, vitality of the city, and employment rolls.

    I hope that someday liquor licenses would not be subject to as much of a death grip by vocal NIMBYs. Gtown used to be a much bigger nightlife destination than it is now, incidentally.

  2. I agree with SG; as someone who lives not far from the old Hibiscus Cafe, I really can’t see what the problem would be having a night club in that location. Most of the immediate neighbors are businesses which will be shut during their presumed hours of operation, and the noise from the Whitehurst would presumably keep any sound from filtering up to the residential buildings along the Canal.

  3. GM

    I hope you’re both right, but you’ll never get rich betting against Georgetowners’ ability to make a controversy out of nothing.

  4. Part of the response will depend on how the Malmaison people present their marketing plan. I have lived in the area long enough to remember The River Club in the Waterfront Center, facing Water Street, which was an (oddly-located) nightclub geared toward a well-heeled clientele, not the “Jersey Shore” crowd. If we are to look at both Napoleon and Bonaparte for predictors, both venues are stylish, but not uptight, chic places to drink or dine, and I would expect something similar. I’m sure you’ll let us know, GM.

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