DCPLF Offers Sneak Peak at New Library

Anna Velazco and Anna Fuhrman of the DC Public Library Foundation

Tuesday night, the DC Public Library Foundation, a non-profit that supports the mission of the District public libraries, opened the doors of the soon to be finished Georgetown Library to the group’s donors.

The crowd was given the chance to poke around the new space, from the funky childrens library in the basement to the Peabody collection in the third floor. (GM will have a complete set of photos of the new space for you next week).

And the new Peabody Collection and Reading Room is a fantastic new addition to the refurbished space. Occupying what once was the attic, the precious collection hosts a treasure trove of Georgetown history. Jerry McCoy, the special collections librarian in charge of the Peabody collection, has taken to calling it “Georgetown’s Attic.” Check out some of the artifacts on display Tuesday night:

An old Beall Street sign (Beall Street was renamed O St., and by the way it’s pronounced “bell”).

Clock from the old Peabody Room, frozen in time from just a few minutes after the fire started. Interesting story: had the cupola fallen to the east instead of to the west, the entire Peabody collection would have been lost. Thankfully it wasn’t, and after some high tech freezing and recovery, the vast majority of the collection survived.

On the wall of the finished library will be a list of donors who supported the restoration (a mock up is shown above). There is still time to get your name on this board! Think about it, in 30 years you can point to the plaque and say, “I helped restore this great library. And hey, $500 actually used to be a decent amount of money once.”

Better yet, an anonymous donor has stepped forward with a $50,000 pledge if donors can match that amount. They are just $3,000 away. So even if you can’t spare the $500 it takes to get on the plaque, your donation could nonetheless have a pretty huge impact on the library’s future. Donate here!

Still better yet, apparently a lot of the members of DCPLF have gotten excited about GM’s idea to have a cafe on the back patio. The idea would be to invite a food cart, like Fly, to set up in the parking lot. GM even met up with DCPL Chief Librarian Ginnie Cooper who said that the idea was great and that she didn’t see any reason it couldn’t come to fruition. Cool stuff.



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  1. Food cart! Food cart! Food cart!

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