Summer Crime in Georgetown Was Bad Even For Summer Crime

Last week, GM explored the third quarter crime numbers and concluded that crime was up this summer. Reader KPE helpfully pointed out that GM was comparing the crime numbers from the third quarter only to the second quarter. Doesn’t crime always tick up during the summer and would this not explain the increase for this year?

Fair enough, so GM went back and recrunched the numbers comparing this past quarter to the third quarters from the prior four years, and the conclusion hasn’t changed: this was a bad summer for crime in Georgetown.

(And before you ask, yes GM is looking at the third quarter, not the “summer.” To the extent that some theories over increases in summer crime depend on the school schedule, looking strictly at quarters might not be the best approach, since it misses late June, when students get out, and captures September when they’re back in session. However, looking at quarters the best way to look at apples to apples, so that’s what GM will stick with for now).

As you can see in the chart above, crime was up in Georgetown this summer compared with the previous four summers. If you’re not a visual learner, here are the numbers:

  • 2006 – 215
  • 2007 – 245
  • 2008 – 230
  • 2009 – 235
  • 2010 – 262

And in most of the categories, Georgetown recorded the highest or nearly highest numbers this summer.

These include robbery:


Stolen cars:

Assaults with a deadly weapon:

There is some good news. In a couple categories we recorded record lows. Those included thefts from autos (28, down from an average of 48) and burglaries (18, down from an average of 23). Moreover, we only had one sexual assault (which is about average) and thankfully we haven’t suffered a homicide since 2006.

All in all, not great news but nothing to get panicked about quite yet, in GM’s opinion.



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3 responses to “Summer Crime in Georgetown Was Bad Even For Summer Crime

  1. KPE

    Thanks for doing the numbers– even though it confirmed the bad news…

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