The Multi-Outfitted Skeleton of Volta Place

This October, GM has noticed that Georgetowners are getting a lot more into Halloween decorations. It used to be just Nancy Taylor Bubes at 31st and Q who went over the top (and she still does), but now a lot more people are investing in giant spiders. But there is probably no house bringing more laughs (and probably some confused looks) than the house of Marnie and Dennis Kenney on Volta Place.

You see, just outside their door lives Mr./Mrs Skeleton (s/he is of indeterminate sex). This Halloween season, Skeleton has been wearing a completely different outfit every day (sometimes more than one a day).

Here he is exploring his French impressionist side:

Here she is baking up a fine souffle:

Here he is getting ready for Bunker Hill:

Here he is welcoming a baby to the neighborhood (and probably creeping out some people too):

But don’t worry if you were a little creeped out by that, because there is no way you won’t smile seeing here do a jete:

And after all of that, she finds her inner Gloria Swanson:

Big displays are great, but when people really put their hearts into like the Keeneys, it creates a truly memorable holiday display.



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2 responses to “The Multi-Outfitted Skeleton of Volta Place

  1. Another reason why I love living in the village. Great photos GM, and great costume ideas, Mr. and Mrs. Kenney!

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