The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Tedayten.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Blogger stops by Ristorante Piccolo
  • Second half of that Anthony Lanier interview. Select quote: “The developer would rather see the main street closed to through traffic to keep people from outside of the city using it as a thoroughfare to go downtown. “We should be like every other civilized city: convert into a pedestrian-oriented environment,” said Lanier.” This is why GM would elect Lanier as Mayor of Georgetown, if such position still existed.


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4 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. GM,

    Regarding Anthony Lanier. Mayor of Georgetown? Good idea. I’d even go for Mayor of Washington.

  2. Every major European city – and even some American cities – have turned at least part of their historic core into a pedestrian-only zone for shopping, restaurants, etc. Georgetown was not designed for the amount of traffic that goes through it right now. Would that someone with a bit of power would get behind Mr. Lanier’s idea.

  3. William,

    Anthony has been trying for a decade to make this happen, especially when The Georgetown Project had the roads torn up, which would have been the ideal moment. Georgetown is not known for taking bold steps, and this would be a bold (and positive) step. It might even bring the metro area back to Georgetown.

  4. Ken Archer

    There is broad support in Georgetown for pulling the Whitehurst down. But it would be difficult to remove the Whitehurst AND turn M into a pedestrian boulevard (or at least widen the sidewalks). Which would we rather do? Have a nice view of the Potomac or have more pedestrian activity on M Street. I think I would prefer the latter, even if it meant keeping the Whitehurst.

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