Homemade Pizza Co. Coming to Georgetown

In the space that until recently housed Spiral Flight Yoga, the Homemade Pizza Co. is opening up a location. This will be the Chicago-based restaurant’s fourth location in the District and the sixth in the DC area.

The concept of this restaurant is still a bit of a head-scratcher for GM. They sell pizza, but only uncooked pizza. You’re supposed to take it home and cook it yourself. They don’t even offer a “well ok we’ll cook it here if you’re in too much of a hurry” option.

Apparently it’s very good pizza, but it’s pretty expensive. It’s $13 bucks for a large plain pizza. A pizza, remember, that you have to bring back home, cook in your own pre-heated oven, wait, and then eat.

Oh, and a major investor in the restaurant is a real jerk.


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  1. A double whammy of danger. Now we’ll have students picking up uncooked pizzas and taking them back to their apartments and turning on stoves and cooking them. AND the major investor in the pizza biz will be a constant threat to our BIKESHARERS. Ouch!

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