Terrible Twos: The Fourth Most Popular Story

Serendipity 3 ice cream sundae by joanna3555.

In commemoration of the second anniversary of the beginning of the most recent incarnation of the Georgetown Metropolitan, GM is counting down the five most popular stories of the past year.

Today: Serendipitous Plans.

This article was an attempt by GM to gather the scant public and semi-public facts about the opening of the Serendipity 3 restaurant in the old Nathans space at Wisconsin and M. The duo behind the plans, Britt Swan and Rodrigo Garcia were (and remain) pretty tight-lipped about the project. About all GM could gather was that the then rumored opening date of April was unlikely. He turned out to be right since it’s almost 2011 and they’re still not open yet.

They did perform a lot of exterior cosmetic work, some good and some bad. They painted the whole building white, including the naked brick walls on the first floor (while the Old Georgetown Board generally frowns on painting naked historic brick, those walls aren’t historic since they’re from a 1950s rennovation). That goes with the Serendipity brand, but it’s a little too white for GM’s taste.

Also, they installed an ugly glass door in that unhistoric brick. Again, there wasn’t much the OGB could do since they can only mandate design standards, not quality standards.

It seems to GM the only reason this article was so popular is the utter dearth of information out there about this restaurant. Oh, and that photo.

Still no opening date yet…

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