Terrible Twos: The Third Most Popular Post

In commemoration of the second anniversary of the beginning of the most recent incarnation of the Georgetown Metropolitan, GM is counting down the five most popular stories of the past year.

Today: Who Would Go To Western High School?

This interesting question came up when the idea of moving The Duke Ellington School to a new building was floated (and quickly retracted). Councilmember Jack Evans has long complained about the absence of a regular high school in Ward Two (Duke Ellington and School Without Walls are both in Ward Two, but they’re both specialty schools) and he has proposed reestablishing one. The Western High School building–where Duke Ellington is–would be a prime candidate.

The specific question GM had was what middle schools would feed into this reconstituted Western High School. Looking at the enrollment numbers of middle schools across Ward 2, GM concluded that while Western High would be the only Ward 2 high school, it probably would only be able to take kids from Hardy and Stevens (in addition to out of boundary kids).

It’s not a question that is likely to be answered anytime soon. There hasn’t been anymore talk of moving the Duke Ellington school, and there’s even less money available to do it.

All and all, not a terribly interesting post, so GM ‘s not entirely sure why it got so much clicks. His best guess is it was simply people who were looking for the cool old photo of Western High from the Library of Congress. Site statistics are weird like that sometimes.

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