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Hyde Joins Twitter

GM is still slowly catching up to the news he missed over the past week, but he wanted to pass on news of another Georgetown institution catching up with the times: Hyde-Addison has finally joined Twitter.

GM is happy to see the school sign up. Many schools across the city use the service to spread news quickly to their students and their neighborhoods. Stoddert and the Capitol Hill Cluster PTA are particularly good examples. Hopefully whoever’s behind Hyde’s account will actually use it as well as some of these examples.

So welcome to Twitter Hyde!




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New Day Care Center Opening in Georgetown

GM likes to say that anyone who believes in the power of supply and demand has never tried to find day care in DC. It’s pretty brutal. GM put his name on the list of three centers seven month before his daughter was even born. And despite having “priority” at two of those centers, he didn’t get off the waitlist until his daughter was nine months old.

But it’s about to get (slightly) easier to find day care in Georgetown. Bright Horizons is opening a new day care center in Georgetown this fall. It will be located at 1010 Wisconsin Ave. (just above K St.). Continue reading

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Little Folks School Moving to Q St.



Last week, the Georgetown Current reported that the French Maternal School (which is located in the Georgetown Presbyterian Church) will be expanding its space to what is currently the Little Folks School space on N St. (just west of the UPS store). The Current, however, had no information about what was going to happen with Little Folks School. So GM asked around and found out that it is moving up to 3247 Q St., where Dodge Chrome used to be.

The space has a lot of potential for a nursery school. It’s much more spacious inside than the rowhouse on N St., where the school has been for so long. Plus, the proximity to Volta Park will mean plenty of park time for the kids. Continue reading

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Hyde Students’ Art Featured at Union Station



GM was walking through Union Station the other day and came across a collection of art from students of Georgetown’s Hyde-Addison school. It’s part of Union Station’s Earth Day celebration. There are works by students from public schools across the city.

It’s actually a contest. The students are instructed to celebrate the cherry blossoms. The best pieces will be selected by a panel and the winners will be honored on Earth Day (April 22nd) at a reception also at Union Station.

So good luck Hyde students!

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Another Big Crop of Local Kids Heading to Hyde

The DCPS annual lottery results were announced last week, and they show that the growing interest of Georgetown families in the Hyde-Addison elementary school continues. As discussed here, Georgetown children who are interested in attending Hyde for pre-K need to go through the lottery (for Kindergarten and above a spot if guaranteed for all neighborhood kids). Continue reading


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Out of Boundary Lottery Begins for Hyde

Monday was the beginning of the out of boundary lottery process for DC public schools. This is the process by which students who don’t want to attend their designated local school can get a slot at another school.

As discussed here before, for several decades Hyde has been a school mostly filled with students from other neighborhoods. This started to change over the past decade as more Georgetowners decided to send their children to the local school. This has, in turn, reduced the number of slots available to students from other neighborhoods trying to attend Hyde.

One thing parents new to the system might not realize is that even children in the neighborhood have to apply through the lottery for a slot in the pre-Kindergarten program. They are not guaranteed a slot. They do, however, get priority in the lottery. In recent years, some neighborhood children have ended up on the wait list, but GM believes most, if not all, eventually got off the wait list. Continue reading


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Should Foggy Bottom Kids Go to Hyde?


On Tuesday, DC Schools Chancellor Kaya Henderson announced the planned closure of 19 DC public schools. Thankfully (but not surprisingly) Hyde-Addison was not on the list. But a school just a stone’s throw from Georgetown was included: Francis-Stevens.

Francis-Stevens is a school that was formed into its current state only a few years ago. In 2008, DC closed the historic Stevens School at 21st and K St. The elementary school program it offered was shifted to the Francis Middle School at 24th and N. Since then, the combined Francis-Stevens has offered Pre-School through grade 8. After it is closed, the School Without Walls High School will get even more walls by using Francis -Stevens as a satellite campus.

But what happens to the kids at Francis-Stevens? Under the current plan, the middle-school aged kids would be moved to Hardy. The elementary-school aged kids would go to Marie Reed in Adams-Morgan.

On one level it makes sense to shift the elementary age kids to Marie Reed. It’s got a lot of capacity, and the majority of kids attending Francis-Stevens are out-of-boundary, so Marie Reed might even be closer to their home.

But what about that quarter of kids who are actually from Foggy Bottom? Should they have to option to choose a more local option than Adams Morgan? GM thinks they should. And that option should be Hyde-Addison here in Georgetown. Continue reading

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