Terrible Twos: The Most Popular Article

This week in celebration of the Georgetown Metropolitan’s second anniversary, GM is counting down the five most popular articles from last year.

Today GM looks at the single most popular article from the last year: By Far the Most Expensive Thing at Safeway.

Like yesterday’s entry, this article came about simply because GM saw something funny and took a photo of it. Which goes to show that there’s no direct connection between the amount of effort it takes to write something and how popular it is.

In this case, the funny thing GM saw was a container of truffles being sold at Safeway. They were being sold at $999.99 per pound. GM concluded that this was the most expensive item in the store.

Some commenters pointed out that in fact they probably aren’t the most expensive item in the store. Jim pointed out that saffron thread is probably around $10 per gram. Since there are 453 grams in a pound, that makes the saffron threads $4,530 per pound, more than four times the truffles.

Fair enough, but GM is doubtful there’s a price tag that big in the store. They could have simply listed the price as $62.50 per ounce, but maybe the point is to catch eyes.

Either way, last time GM checked, they were gone.



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2 responses to “Terrible Twos: The Most Popular Article

  1. Just curious as to what criteria you used to determine that this was the most popular article of the year. I thought it must be based on the number of comments received but this one originally garnered only 13 as opposed to 21 that “Adorable Car Accident” had.

  2. GM

    It’s based on the number of “views”. This one was read the most, by a lot.

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