Special ANC Meeting Next Thursday to Discuss GU Ten Year Plan

Next Thursday (January 20th), the ANC (or rather the Committee of the Whole of the ANC) will meet to discuss Georgetown University’s Ten Year Plan. The meeting is going to be held at the Duke Ellington School at 6:30 pm.

At the meeting, the ANC will hear from Georgetown University and various community groups, such as CAG and the Burleith Citizens Association. It’s not clear yet to GM whether the public will be invited to chime in, but it seems unlikely that at least some public testimony won’t be allowed.

Any ANC resolution on the matter won’t be adopted until the normal January 31st ANC meeting. But GM will let you in on a little not-at-all-secret secret: the ANC is going to object to the campus plan. While the plan was scaled back somewhat from the one that was last presented by the University, the plan is still unacceptable to prevailing opinion on the ANC. Primarily that objection is over the proposed increase in graduate students and the lack of new on-campus housing.

While this meeting pretty much has a predetermined conclusion, it will nonetheless be a chance for both sides to make their case once more. So come and see what all the fuss is about.


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