ANC Preview: Resolution Edition

It seems like it was just last week when the ANC last met. Of course, it was. But that one wasn’t a normal meeting, and it doesn’t get us out of having the normal February one. Oh well.

The biggest item on the agenda, of course, is to pass a resolution on GU’s Ten Year Plan. GM doesn’t have any inside information on this, but it doesn’t take Deep Throat to know that the ANC is going to pass a resolution against the plan. GM should say, however, that as of today the item doesn’t actual appear on the agenda. But the ANC has stated previously that they intend to adopt a resolution on the issue next week.

Two interesting items actually on the agenda include the Georgetown Post Office project and some possible traffic changes to Thomas Jefferson St.

As for the Post Office project, a few ANC meetings ago East Banc presented the most recent plans. While the original plans called for town houses, the modified plan scrapped those and introduced an office building. The general concept of that plan was approved by the OGB in December, but apparently there’s still some concerns over the eastern facade and some other issues. GM also thinks the transportation elements of the plan need work, but that’s not really the purview of the OGB.

Also, the ANC is apparently going to push to make the first block of Thomas Jefferson two-way. The idea is apparently to enable easier access to the garages down there. Sounds like a good idea to GM. The more we can drive car traffic to those lower garages via K St., the less traffic we have on M St. and in the residential neighborhoods.

Also, the ANC is going to consider adding a left-turn arrow at the Safeway. This makes sense. There is a cycle where all traffic lights are red and the crosswalk is green. This cycle would safely enable a left turn out of the Safeway since the cars won’t be crossing the crosswalk.

Either way, at least we won’t have to hear about triathlons again…


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  1. more two way streets = always a good thing!

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