City Brings Ice Rink to Georgetown

A little while back, GM wondered whether it wouldn’t be a good idea to bring an ice rink to Georgetown. Well the city has taken him up on that idea. Just not exactly the way he imagined.

You see, while the city has plans to sell the Hurt Home to Argos Group to be converted into condos, it still owns the property. And ever since we started getting snow and ice storms a few weeks ago, the sidewalk outside the Hurt Home has been a solid slab of pure ice.

The building is north facing, so not a shred of sunlight hits it. As a result even with the relatively balmy weather we had over the past week, little of the ice melted. And much of the ice that did melt simply refroze.

The city sets a terrible example with its maintenance of this property. It should clear the ice immediately and clear the sidewalk after future storms.



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2 responses to “City Brings Ice Rink to Georgetown

  1. Charlie Eason

    Amen! While our leaders debate how much to fine residents who don’t remove snow from sidewalks in a timely fashion, the City itself sets a bad example such as at the Hurt Home.

  2. carol Joynt

    This item prompted quite a discussion when I linked to it on my Facebook. Rather than running the whole thread, here’s the link:

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