ANC Releases Draft Objection to GU Campus Plan

GM spent yesterday morning sunbathing in San Juan, and last night clearing the snow off his car at BWI, so he’s still suffering from a bit of whiplash. Unfortunately he got in too late last night to fully digest the ANC’s draft findings and recommendations regarding GU’s campus plan. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking a look.

From a quick glance, it looks pretty comprehensive. It identifies 15 different findings along with relevant recommendations. They range from student caps to parking. And they didn’t object to every element of the plan, such as the roof enclosure for Keough Field.

Anyway, have a look yourself. Once GM gets settled, he’ll have some more to say on it.


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3 responses to “ANC Releases Draft Objection to GU Campus Plan

  1. David P.

    As a former GU student, I think the ANC’s demand for an M Stree shuttle seems to go too far. They complain that students walking back to campus late at night creates real noise issues and that the only way to deal with this is through an M Street shuttle that enters campus from Canal. Most students do not use the existing shuttles that run through Burleith and it seems highly unlikely that the majority of students would use these proposed M Street shuttles to return home at the end of an evening out. Upperclassmen living off campus, those most likely to be out late on M Street, are also least likely to use the shuttle since it would be less convenient than a simple walk home.

  2. asuka

    @ David P.

    Its silly suggestions like that which show just how clueless and unreasonable the ANC is. Most of their Response was utterly ridiculous.

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