The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Olli.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • So you probably heard it, but in case you didn’t: Target and a small-scale Bloomingdale’s may be coming to the mall. More on this later today.
  • Two cute twins get a behind the scenes look at GC.


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2 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. carol Joynt

    Nothing against Target, which is vastly useful to many people, but it is 1000 per cent the wrong message for Georgetown’s commercial area. That’s the best the mall’s owners can do? Rather than find a load of interesting specialty stores to fill the many vacant spaces they go instead for a scorched earth approach, fill a multitude of empty square feet with a big box? In that case, why not Wegman’s? A bigger question, why would Target shoppers want to put up with Georgetown’s awful parking situation and the nearly predatory parking enforcement troops?

    Bloomingdales? They’ve been trying to shove that in there for months. Fine if it were a real Bloomies–meaning a useful, full blown department store–but I’ve read it will be the downscaled boutique Bloomingdales concept, such as they have in Soho, which is to Bloomies what Cusp is to Neiman’s.

    I may be alone on this, but I find the overall Mall news to be sad, especially for Georgetown; a turning point in its commercial future. If we have to go this way, too bad the news wasn’t a deal with ABC Carpet and Home, which is sort of crazy functional fun.

  2. An indoor mall in Georgetown was a bad idea when Georgetown Park was built, and it is still a bad idea. No matter what they put in there. Malls are everywhere in America. There is only one Georgetown. Why continue this path of malling down our neighborhood? Anthony Lanier’s vision for Georgetown is wrong. Bigger is not better.

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