Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and 34th

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Today for Not So Long Ago, GM stops by Wisconsin Ave. just below 34th st.

Today it’s a Starbucks, one of two in Georgetown (there used to be a third where Georgetown Cupcake now is. It was closed due to flooding, then closed for good back when Starbucks was closing a ton of stores a few years back).

Of course to long time residents, this Starbucks will always be associated with a tragedy. In 1997, three of its employees were shot to death by Carl Derek Havord Cooper, a robber. After remaining unsolved for two years (and attracting conspiracy theories), Cooper was arrested in 1999. He is serving life in prison with no chance of parole.

In 1993, this property was a used car dealership called Georgetown Motors. GM’s not sure, but he guesses that the parking lot next the the Starbucks was where the merchandise was kept. This may have been the last car dealership in Georgetown (GM thinks there used to be one or two other ones down on M St.)

Nowadays the Starbucks here is constantly hopping. There’s a great roof deck that gets a lot of use in the warmer months. Safeway’s new lounge across the street probably has cut into the sit-around-squinting-at-laptops-drinking-coffee crowd, but the Starbucks seems to still be doing well.

Here are some static photos if the photos above don’t come through:



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9 responses to “Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and 34th

  1. Brad Altman

    Georgetown Car Dealers. There was also a used car lot at the corner of Wisconsin and Q where the 7-11 was. There was Stohlman Cheverolet where Georgetown Cupcake is now and Parkway Ford where Barnes and Noble is located.

  2. Anonymous, please: "Nemo"

    Actually, I think it was Parkway DODGE. Plus, even earlier, there was a foreign car dealership, maybe Manhattan Auto — not sure on this — where the Biograph was, which is now a CVS. How about such other classics as John Learmont’s Books and Records, J. Clinton Tribby jewelers, and Stombock saddlery, all on M Street.

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  4. Richard Levy

    Nemo –

    Parkway Motors, a Ford dealership, was at the corner of M and
    Thomas Jefferson (now Barnes & Noble) long before Manhattan Auto was at what then became the Biograph Theatre. Parkway’s used car lot (and excess inventory) was across the street at what is now the Old Stone house gardens and the adjacent parking lot. Manhattan Auto succeeded William and Baker, a Nash/Rambler dealership that was there for several decades.

  5. Marx

    Parking lots and small business seem as compatible as Nico the 2nd and the Bolsheviks. Cha-zing!!!

  6. Anonymous, please: "Nemo"

    Mr. Levy, Thanks, I stand corrected. Don’t remember the Nash dealer on M Street.

  7. MAH

    Proof that the introduction of Starbucks to a community isn’t always the end of the world – what an improvement over Georgetown Motors.

  8. Gail Hart

    Stombock’s was on M st. Bud had a riding apparell store and a saddle shop. Across the street was a gas station and on the corner was a deli. Alot of great memories.

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