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Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and S

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This week on Not So Long Ago, GM sticks with the same block he’s been covering the last couple weeks: Wisconsin and S.

Nowadays, this stretch boasts Baytok Tailors, Talio hair salon, Collins Hospital for Animals and a Starbucks.

Eighteen years ago the space that contains Baytok appears to have been empty (the windows are covered). There is red fretwork in the windows that makes it look like it might have hosted a Chinese restaurant at one point, but that’s a wild guess. By 2004 at the latest, Baytok was already occupying this space.

Next door, 18 years ago the space now occupied by Talio was occupied by, well, Talio. They may be the longest standing business on this block.

Or it could be Collins animal hospital, which was also open next door in 1993.

So to a large extent, other than some design changes, much of this part of this block has stayed very much the same.

That is except for the Starbucks. As covered in an earlier Not So Long Ago, the Starbucks used to be a used car dealership of all things.
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Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin and 34th

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Today for Not So Long Ago, GM stops by Wisconsin Ave. just below 34th st.

Today it’s a Starbucks, one of two in Georgetown (there used to be a third where Georgetown Cupcake now is. It was closed due to flooding, then closed for good back when Starbucks was closing a ton of stores a few years back).

Of course to long time residents, this Starbucks will always be associated with a tragedy. In 1997, three of its employees were shot to death by Carl Derek Havord Cooper, a robber. After remaining unsolved for two years (and attracting conspiracy theories), Cooper was arrested in 1999. He is serving life in prison with no chance of parole.

In 1993, this property was a used car dealership called Georgetown Motors. GM’s not sure, but he guesses that the parking lot next the the Starbucks was where the merchandise was kept. This may have been the last car dealership in Georgetown (GM thinks there used to be one or two other ones down on M St.)

Nowadays the Starbucks here is constantly hopping. There’s a great roof deck that gets a lot of use in the warmer months. Safeway’s new lounge across the street probably has cut into the sit-around-squinting-at-laptops-drinking-coffee crowd, but the Starbucks seems to still be doing well.

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