Georgetown Votes Heavily for Mara

On Tuesday, a tiny electorate sent Vincent Orange back to Council (despite GM’s clear instructions to the contrary). But it was with little help from Georgetown, which went heavily for Republican Patrick Mara.

Here are the numbers:

  • Mara – 463 – 61.41%
  • Biddle – 116 – 15.38%
  • Weaver – 79 – 10.48%
  • Orange – 60 – 7.96%
  • Other Candidates – 36 – 4.77%

This may support the widely held suspicion that Georgetown is a hotbed of Republican voters. While Georgetown votes more Republican than the District at large, it’s still typically votes overwhelmingly Democratic. For instance, while Georgetown gave about 16% fewer votes to Obama than the rest of the city in 2008, it still gave him about 75% of its votes.

GM thinks that this election is a perfect argument for the adoption of the instant run off system, an argument he’s made elsewhere. The way that would work is that you would rank the candidates by your preferences. If one candidate doesn’t get 50% of the first choices, then the last place candidate is thrown out and the second preferences of his or her voters get spread out to the other candidates. If that doesn’t put a candidate over the top, then the process is repeated until it does.

It sounds a bit complicated, but all it calls for is voters to decide how they’d rank the candidates (and there’s no need to rank them all; you can rank as many of the candidates that you choose). The rest is handled by the vote tabulators. It’s not such a hard concept to simply say, “ok, I really like candidate A, but if he can’t win, I’d prefer candidate B to the others.” With this in place, you could vote your heart without fear that you’re throwing your vote away because you could put your second vote towards the candidate you think has a chance to win.

Anyway, only 60 Georgetowners ended up voting for the candidate that won. But two of those voters, apparently, are on the ANC:

Photo courtesy of The Georgetown Dish.



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3 responses to “Georgetown Votes Heavily for Mara

  1. Congratulations to Vincent Orange, a good man, with a big heart.

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