Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin & M

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This week for Not So Long Ago, GM sticks around M and Wisconsin. It’s a bit of a closeup shot, so it’s just one store. But it’s a notable one.

W.T. Weaver & Sons was founded in Georgetown in 1889. It was a general hardware store for most of its existence. Here’s a shot of this block 85 years ago (i.e. So Long Ago):

Four generations later, and Weaver Hardware is still family owned and opened. They’re still even at the same address, just not on the first floor anymore. While as late as 1993 they were still a general purpose hardware store–as the photo shows–since then they have transitioned to a specialty in decorative hardware. The only general hardware store left in Georgetown is the one over on 35th St. (and that one doesn’t carry that much–GM heads up to the fantastic Glover Park Hardware for his needs).

Those purveyors of quasi-pornography, Abercrombie and Fitch, now occupy this storefront. GM’s never been inside, mostly because he doesn’t want to spend the rest of the day smelling like a 15 year old boy heading off to Junior Prom. He sure wishes Weaver would get back to his roots…

Here are the shots:


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7 responses to “Not So Long Ago: Wisconsin & M

  1. From hardware to underwear…

  2. RNM

    I used to shop at Weaver back when I first showed up in Georgetown…great folks there. But as Hechinger put most of the mom and pop hardware stores around DC out of business and was subsequently put out of business by Home Depot…things change.

    One thing that never seems to change is the sort of condescending, superior than thou attitude of some folks…I really appreciate the condemnation of a store by a person who has by their own admission never set foot in it…and tries to associate it with pornography. Sorry, to steal from Justice Potter…I know it when I see it and A&F is not pornographic. Besides if you want to go back to 1993 you could walk down Wisconsin and get your real pornography back at the old Video Vault location…but that is another story.


  3. Boots

    Shame, the cornice was detailed so much better before.

  4. Charmed

    Having shopped at Abercrombie, I can confirm that the store, and the clothing in the store, smells powerfully like a 15 year old boy heading off to junior prom. Also, the notorious Abercrombie catalogue is, if not porn, at least “quasi-porn.”

  5. “Quasi porn”? Where can I get a copy of the catalogue?

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