The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Matt Dunn.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Hardy has a new principal: Mary Stefanus.
  • GM hasn’t been by to verify, but he hears that Serendipity finally opened this weekend. He took a peek through the windows on Friday. It looked like something out of Epcot Center. It probably won’t ever be a locals’ spot, but it’ll probably do gangbusters with the suburbanites and tourists (see: Georgetown Cupcake, business model of).


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6 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Anon

    And so Georgetown takes one more step to resembling a shopping mall.

  2. John Paul

    Why are you people so negative? It’s the same place (hopefully) that’s on the Upper East side. New Yorkers don’t complain, they go and enjoy. Geeezz. And enough comments on Georgetown resembling a shopping mall – I went to one last year and almost passed out. I hardly ever leave Georgetown when in DC and I love it. Enough is enough. It’s a unique neighborhood no matter what some of you say. It’s in fact so nice that the few mall stores that do exist actually feel and pleasant here.

  3. medusa

    Perhaps, but locally owned stores feel even better. Relish, A Mano, Baked & Wired, Furin’s, Hu’s, Marston Luce, Patisserie Poupon, Bacchus, Wingo’s, Susan Calloway, Georgetown Cupcake, Just Paper & Tea, Susquehanna, Georgetown Dinette…

  4. John Paul

    I agree that good local stores feel even better than good chains, but the bad local stores suck big time (those disgusting stores in the mid-section of Wisc. Ave are not chains, they are locally owned mom and pop stores!!!!!) But a mix is good. I just don’t think Georgetown deserves the bashing it gets from they same old people over and over again, just because a few store owners succeeded and decided to replicate their concept. Most pubs (almost all actually) in London belong to chains – no one complains and says that the pub scene in London is awful.

  5. medusa

    Those buildings on Wisconsin between approx Dumbarton and P are owned primarily by one family, who lease to a group of other family members who sort of rotate around, frequently close and reopening as some similar concept of random retail. Lots of speculation as to what really goes on, occasionally reported on in major city media (but not anytime recently). Takes the notion of Mom and Pop to a new dimension. If you get my drift.

  6. John Paul

    Interesting, thanks for sharing…I didn’t know. But I think they are the absolute worst and they bring done commercial values north on Wisconsin down by 50% at least. And I am sure that they also bring down residential values in the immediate area (within a block or two) by a lot. The only thing going up around them is the level of disgust and irritation, at least mine.

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