The Georgetown Metropolis

3300 block of P St.



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6 responses to “The Georgetown Metropolis

  1. Is that graffiti on that row house?
    If so, outrageous.
    If the owners are responsible, the city should fine them and force them to remove it at their expense. Where’s the CAG when you need it?

  2. Dave

    Is it not artwork, it’s been there since I lived in gt, at least since 97

  3. Dizzy

    “Where’s the CAG when you need it?”

    Sorry, they’re too busy trying to evict all students from the neighborhood and get buses off the streets of Georgetown.

  4. GM

    There’s very little that can be done about a homeowner’s choice in paint. If the OGB can’t rule on it, then nobody can stop it. And the OGB doesn’t have authority over paint color. Arguably this is a mural, which the OGB can regulate, but it’s close.

    Either way, I actually like it. It’s very well done, displays local pride, and adds some whimsy. It’s not as awesome as the mural of “the Wave” on P St. but it’s still pretty cool.

  5. Charlie Eason

    I’m not too excited about all the “art” at Dixie Liquors. Looks pretty tacky to me, and not exactly the grand entrance to Georgetown one might desire. Do they need all that to sell kegs to Georgetown University students?

  6. asuka

    That’s not “paint”, its a mural. Has Ken “Student Ghetto” Archer seen this yet? He’ll blow his stack.

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