Spike Mendelsohn Bringing Restaurant to Georgetown?

Photo by pvsbond.

GM heard an interesting rumor the other day: that Spike Mendelsohn, star of Top Chef and the chef behind Capitol Hill’s Good Stuff Eatery and We the Pizza, is opening up shop in Georgetown. Specifically, the location mentioned was the old Morso space, a restaurant which was open for about five minutes last fall.

GM reached out to Good Stuff Eatery to confirm, but didn’t hear anything back. So maybe the rumor is false, but if it is true it could be one of the more interesting restaurant openings in Georgetown this year. Good Stuff Eatery has its fans (and its detractors) and We the Pizza has garnered good reviews. A Mendelsohn restaurant would at the very least bring a little pizzazz to the Georgetown restaurant scene–a scene that hasn’t had an exciting opening since Hook in 2008.

If and when GM hears confirmation, he’ll pass it on.



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17 responses to “Spike Mendelsohn Bringing Restaurant to Georgetown?

  1. Jacques

    Ugh — Good Stuff and We the Pizza are fine (not great), but I think this falls right in line with the Georgetown Cupcake-Sprinkles-Serendipity tourist-a-palooza that is growing on M Street. I guess he’s doing a good job of picking his market.

    For fast-casual burgers, I would much rather see a BGR take root in Georgetown — higher quality than Five Guys/Z-burger, but less shameless self-promotion than Spike.

  2. Retail Ninja

    yep, he has looked at seriously, not sure he has made his deal yet, but I think its is done….will post when confirmed

  3. Retail Ninja

    Z burger has 1424 Wisc under contract (I think GM posted that earlier)….BGR would like to be here and is looking, as is Shake Shack…..as for other chain’s, dont be surprised when Potbelly announces something….

  4. Carol Joynt

    THIS WOULD BE THE BEST POSSIBLE NEWS! I love Good Stuff. It’s my go-to getaway. Spike leaves all the others in his dust due to a commitment to quality. The others just don’t have it and don’t seem to care. I hope this happens. Would be good for Georgetown and trend away from the touristy stuff. (wish it were higher up on Wisconsin, though, like near Poupon). Of course, I’ll gain ten pounds the first month on Toasted Marshmallow shakes alone. Here’s the write-up I did for NYSD, where I looked at both Shake Shack ( a fave) and Good Stuff, and Good Stuff comes out on top:

  5. Jacques

    Carol — I hear you on the milkshakes (especially the toasted marshmallow), but I can’t square the “get away from the touristy trend” analysis. Spike seems to live for publicity, and is far more known (in DC and nationwide) for his Top Chef turns than for the food he puts out.

    To me, this can only increase the tourist/novelty-seeking Bravo/TLC/Food Network fan aspect of M Street, not get away from it in the slightest.

  6. Carol Joynt

    There are places that attract tourists because they pander to them and then there are places that attract everyone, including tourists, because they are simply excellent. I put Georgetown Cupcake and Good Stuff in that latter category.

  7. Dizzy

    If he is interested, the DCist post comments have hundreds of “good” suggestions for a suitably Mendelsohnian restaurant concept. Personally, I’m partial to the “Anschluss-themed poutine stand Arbeit Macht Fries.”

  8. Tone Loco

    I really really hope this is true. Haven’t been to any of his restaurants, but hear they’re good and the restaurant scene in Georgetown definitely needs new life, even if its from a hat-loving reality-show star. As it is, I usually head out to Logan Circle, H Street, Penn Quarter, the ‘burbs, etc. when I go out to eat. I’m kinda tired of the burger theme though. A deli along the lines of that food truck he’s been rolling around — Sixth and Rye — would be great AND fill a huge culinary hole in DC. Judging by the epic lines for that truck, I’d say lots of people here would welcome same.

  9. andy

    Carol I couldn’t agree more – bring me a toasted marshmellow milkshake – and don’t make me bike across the city to get it.
    Also agree that the BID should push to locate new businesses up Wisconsin and not concentrate all the retail growth on M.
    Best concept would be (Found Farmers + Good Stuff) – single food concept = affordable enough to frequent often, down home, locally sourced food that does a few things extremely well.

  10. Charlie Eason

    I shouldn’t be reading this stuff when I haven’t had lunch yet! Carol’s photos have my mouth watering. Lunch, here I come!

  11. Carol Joynt

    To Tone Loco: Wouldn’t it be awesome if Georgetown became a food truck mecca? Line ’em up down on K or upper Georgetown … wherever. I would go. They would make Gtown food-cool again.

  12. Jacques

    @Carol Joynt

    That would be fun — maybe once the Waterfront Park is completed, someone can coordinate a couple of organized events (see: the new monthly “Truckeroo” event debuting today down near Nats Park, or in conjunction with planned concerts or other events), to introduce the idea.

    Do we have any sense of what the Georgetown BID (or ANC) positions on food trucks are likely to be?

  13. Tone Loco

    I third that — a hive of food trucks on K Street would be faboo given the great waterfront park and density of students, tourists, workers and residents in G’town generally. Though I’m guessing the traffic/parking discussions that would surround something like that would be…. lively. I’d also love a Momofuku-style ramen place or Fatty Crab offshoot to open here. Not necessarily a branch of these places, but its the diversity/quality of food and energy that would be a great addition.

  14. Bubba

    Say what? You want food trucks in Georgetown who might compete with local restaurants? And where would they park? Would you have the lobster dude parked out in front of Clydes and J Paul’s? That might make them compete.

    If you are interested in an experiment, I think K/Water Street would be appropriate. If that sucks off the tourist trade from M Street it will be a challenge to our “local” establishments to step up to the plate.

  15. Jon

    Good Stuff certainly has its fans and critics, but as a Hill resident who has tried to like Spike’s wares I can say better eats can be found elsewhere. The shakes are definitely good, but the burgers and fries leave much to be desired. A new Good Stuff (or other Spike space) will bring foot traffic and tourists and congestion to the sidewalk just like Georgetown Cupcake does.

  16. This is so exciting! Spike was always one of my favorites on TC. And We the Pizza has some of the best slices in town, no matter what anyone says :]

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