Real Estate Week: The Tiniest House

This week, GM is off vacationing in the cool and beautiful Pacific northwest. But he’s not going to leave you completely in the cold (or sweltering heat, as the case may be). He took some time to find some of the more unusual or attractive homes on the market in Georgetown right now and will show them off this week. (While this probably would be a good way to make money, rest assured, GM isn’t getting paid for this.)

The first house that GM has loved since he first moved to Georgetown is 2726 P St. It is possibly the skinniest house in Georgetown, if not the city.

Skinny kitchen

Skinny living room.

The only bedroom.

This house is about as close to a shoebox as any house could be. It’s probably too small for even two people, but a single person without a lot of stuff might really take to it.

It’s listed for $725,000, which is kind of crazy if you ask GM since it sold for only $535,000 at the peak of the housing bubble. GM wouldn’t pay more than $600,000 for it. But who knows, maybe they are more people out there looking to like in an adorable box than he figures.


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