Real Estate Week: The Most Expensive House

This week GM is out of town, so he’s taken the opportunity to run through some of the homes on the market in Georgetown and flag some that catch his eye.

Yesterday GM took a look at the tiniest home on the market. Today he looks at the most expensive (and probably largest): 3400 Prospect. When you’re in this territory, though, an address alone doesn’t suffice. You need a name for your house, and in this case the name is Halcyon House.

The main floor.

Windows looking out on Prospect.

The southern view.

One of the five bedrooms.

The kitchen

The basement, which is rented out for parties and is used as an art studio by the owner.

The view from Prospect.

Halcyon House is currently listed for $15 million. It was first listed way back in 2008 for $30 million, but hasn’t sold (Evermay went on the market shortly after it for $49 million. It was just sold, last listed at $25.9 million).

GM considered holding his wedding here, but in the end chose Dumbarton House. Unless you have a really small wedding, you end up having to holding the dinner in the basement, which has the charm of a parking garage (although, GM’s sure that with enough flowers and lighting, you probably don’t notice all the poured concrete).



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