City Releases ANC Redistricting Data

To assist in the necessary redistricting of the ANCs, the city released a raft of data. All of the source data is from the Census and was released a while ago. In fact, GM already has had his say on the implications of the new data. But the city has put it all in one handy place. And the data confirms that ANC2E will need to add a new commissioner.

Here are the final pre-redistricting populations (GM had it a little off in his earlier post due to misestimating the dorm populations):

  • 2E01   – 2,449
  • 2E02   – 1,541
  • 2E03   – 2,216
  • 2E04   – 3,300
  • 2E05   – 2,529
  • 2E06   – 2,308
  • 2E07   – 2,122

While GM had the individual districts a little off, the overall numbers were right. Under the law, each district (called an “SMD”)  needs to have 2,000 residents, plus or minus 100. The Georgetown districts currently average 2,352, which means it’s impossible to redistribute the population amongst them in such a way to have them all below 2100.

The City added approximately 30,000 residents since 2000. So it should be adding approximately 15 ANC commissioners across the city, including one for ANC2E (which added the ninth most new residents of any ANC).

Where to put it? With so much of the population concentrated on the campus, the focus needs to start there. GM’s suggested that simply adding another “student only” district is one option. According to the Census (which is the only count that matters) there are 3,900 residents behind the gates, so they could easily fill two districts. The other districts could easily shift around to get them up or down to the right level.

But this option is going to be unpopular among the non-student population. The other options, though, are a bit more complicated. They probably involve breaking SMD 5 up into two districts and having it take over a few more dorms. SMD 2 is the one district that needs to grow. It could take a few more dorms, but in order to shrink some of the too-large districts, it would probably end up taking a few blocks from SMDs 1, 3, 6, and 7.

This more complicated option would likely be a bit of a return to the maps of pre-2000. This is because however the map is drawn, it will probably involve creating a new district with a much higher student population than is currently in SMDs 2, 3, and 5. Prior to the 2000 redistricting, several of the districts had a much more mixed population like this, which enabled students to win two seats.

However, as long as students keep voting on such paltry levels, it won’t matter much. But the more the “non-student” districts grow into the campus, the more open they become to an organized student effort to unseat non-student commissioners.

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  1. Jake Sticka

    Get involved in the process, Topher. Your insights would be useful.

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