Go to Furin’s This Weekend, It’s Your Last Chance

Don’t forget to go to Furin’s this weekend, it’s your last chance. They close July 31st after 27 family-run years.

GM’s never met anyone that knew Furin’s that didn’t love it. It’s a genuine and simple diner in the middle of a high-rent district filled mostly with over-priced and generally mediocre restaurants. It attracts tourists, locals, area-residents, and celebrities alike.

Its closing has been mourned across the city. It even got a mention in the Wall Street Journal (GM’s Democratic readers should probably just skip clicking that link). And there’s pretty much zero chance Georgetown will see another place like it any time again soon.

So with a heavy heart, GM will wonder into Furin’s and order his last M St. and Pennsylvania Ave. He hopes to see you there too…




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2 responses to “Go to Furin’s This Weekend, It’s Your Last Chance

  1. The mention in the Wall Street Journal was in the form of an editorial by Karl Rove blaming the closing of Furin’s on President Obama. Karl Rove is a mealy mouthed little pimp just like the 87 tea partiers. Hopefully The Georgetowner or the Washington Post will give Furin’s a proper sendoff.

  2. Could someone grab a menu to donate to the Peabody Room? Thank you!

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