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Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:



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  1. Nb

    So what this article tells me is that one of the positives about this is to maintain Hardy as a performing arts magnet school. That is great for some I guess but I moved to Georgetown three years ago, have an infant, pay high property taxes that fund schools, and will likely have limited middle school options for my kid unless he wants to specialize inthe performing arts. The going rate for private school is extremely high and increasing every year in the area….just one of the hidden (but insanely high) taxes for a young family living in Georgetown…..

  2. GM

    When I get back from my vacation I’ll probably were about this, but my assumption is that if Cheh’s plan were adopted, Georgetown kids would feed to the new middle school. It would be a little less conveniently located (sounds like it would be in the Palisades) but that would be closer to the Key/Stoddert/Mann kids. Ward lines don’t really matter for the schools. So when Cheh says a new middle school for Ward 3, she means “the kids the feed to Hardy right now”, which is mostly Ward 3 kids, but also Hyde-Addison.

  3. Nb

    That makes sense but it is unfortunate. I can live with driving my kid to school in the palisades but I do not understand the fixation of keeping hardy as a “magnet school”. It really should serve the neighborhood. Dc should build a school for ward 3 to address over capacity and should stick to the plan of finding a new location for a magnet school. Believe me… I would love it if that area blossomed as an arts area and they turned the Corcoran (?) building into a torpedo factory like in alexandria (or maybe the old georgetown theater) but we also need a middle school that directly serves the community and provides options for all of the young families in the neighborhood. Otherwise they just pick up and move and perpetuate the constant turnover in the neighborhood.

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