The Morning Metropolitan

Photo by Focused Until Successful.

Good morning Georgetown, here’s the latest:

  • Former Senator Charles Percy, who was instrumental in the construction of the Georgetown Waterfront Park, died on Saturday, just days after the park he dreamed of was finally brought to completion.
  • And speaking of that park, check out how much kids love that new fountain.
  • In advance of more Zoning Commission hearings, GU rolls out several this-is-us-trying-to-please-the-neighbors initiatives. This is what’s going to happen: GU will argue that the earlier zoning commission testimonies need to be discounted since these measures now will fix the complaints. And the neighbors will argue that the measures won’t fix the problem and that this is exactly why they wanted the record closed for everything but the DDOT issues.


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3 responses to “The Morning Metropolitan

  1. Purple Moose

    “Several new Georgetown University programs targeting quality of life issues have already removed 20 tons of trash from the surrounding neighborhood …A daily trash patrol circles the West Georgetown and Burleith neighborhoods, picking up bagged trash not in bins and random furniture on the curb. The patrols hit areas an average of twice a day. The trash is processed at the university in the same manner as on-campus trash, according to Stacy Kerr, the assistant vice president for communications at GU. According to data provided by GU, the new patrols have collected 20 tons of trash since Aug. 29.”

    Appreciate GU’s efforts, but doesn’t touting the removal of 20 TONS of trash left by GU students in the neighborhood in less than a month just prove the negative impact?

  2. JS

    @Purple Moose: Yes, and no. The transitional time from August-September is one during which many people who were heard just for the summer are moving out and disposing of possessions. At the same time, you have people moving in that are also throwing out belongings as they move into new spaces.

    Because of these reasons, the University has always provided help with trash removal during this time of the year.

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